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This page includes a wide variety of resources for current appraisers including current Q&A's, white papers, courses and additional resources for personal property appraisers and business valuators. 

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2020-2021 eUSPAP
2024 eUSPAP

The Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria

Personal Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria

The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 recognizes USPAP as the generally accepted real property appraisal standards and requires USPAP compliance for appraisers in federally related transactions.

USPAP contains standards for all types of appraisal services, including real estate, personal property, business and mass appraisal. Federal, state, and local agencies, appraisal services, and many professional appraisal organizations require compliance with USPAP.

Under the provisions of Title XI of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA), the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) establishes the minimum education, experience, and examination requirements for real property appraisers to obtain a state license or certification.

State appraiser regulatory agencies are required to implement real property appraiser licensing and certification requirements that are no less stringent than those issued by the AQB in the 
Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria (Criteria).

The Personal Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria establishes minimum requirements for all personal property appraisers who are members of sponsoring organizations of The Appraisal Foundation. Personal property appraisers who are not members of sponsoring organizations are encouraged, but are not required, to follow the minimum education and experience recommendations established by the Criteria.


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The ASB & USPAP: Information for Appraisers and Their Clients

Appraisers, Appraisals, & You: 
A Lender’s Guide to USPAP

The Appraisal Foundation:
How to Get Involved

This brochure is intended to help appraisers and users of appraisal services become more familiar with the role, function, and activities of the ASB and the process by which USPAP is developed and revised.

This brochure will assist lenders in working with an appraiser to properly value collateral as part of the loan underwriting process.

This infographic details how both individuals and organizations can get involved with The Appraisal Foundation. The appraisal profession is strengthened by the voices and input of many, and your participation is welcome and encouraged.

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Yes, I Can Perform that Assignment!

Sample Residential Restricted
Appraisal Report

Sample Non-Residential Restricted 
Appraisal Report

This chart provides some examples of the many types of assignments an appraiser may perform.

This sample residential Restricted Appraisal Report complies with the 2020-21 edition of USPAP Standards Rule 2-2(b). This sample non-residential Restricted Appraisal Report complies with the 2020-21 edition of USPAP Standards Rule 2-2(b).