Business Valuation Resource Panel

The Business Valuation Resource Panel (BVRP) is a rotating panel of leading business valuation experts, professionals and academics appointed to provide input, recommendations and updates from the business valuation discipline to The Appraisal Foundation's Boards. 

The BVRP was established by The Appraisal Foundation as part of its continuing efforts to preserve and improve the public trust in business valuations and appraisals. The BVRP makes resources from The Appraisal Foundation available to the business valuation discipline and seeks to maintain and strengthen the interaction between The Appraisal Foundation and members of the business valuation discipline. 

Activities of the BVRP include maintaining and developing  Business Valuation Advisories and Business Valuation Briefs, interacting with the Appraisal Issues Task Force, and other special projects.

For more information, check out Resources for Business Valuers.

Current BVRP Members

The BVRP is currently composed of 12 members (listed below) who are elected to the panel and includes those currently serving on The Appraisal Foundation's Boards.  

Victor Jarosiewicz, PhD, ASA, CFA, CAIA, Chair 
 Quid Valorem, LLC 
Daniel Lynn CFA, ASA, Vice Chair  Lynn Valuation Advisors LLC
Elaine Young, ABV, ASA,, Immediate Past Chair    Kroll, LLC 
Jay Fishman FASA; FRICS  
Jonathan Tang ASA, CFA Empire Valuation Consultants
Jeffrey Tarbell, ASA, CFA  Houlihan Lokey 
Lawrence Levine  Lincoln International, LLC
Sarah Von Helfenstein MBA, CVA
 Value Analytics & Design, LLC
Ray Rath, FASA, CFA  Baker Tilly US, LLP
Justin A. Boyd, CFA, ASA
 Titus Alliance, LLC 
Carol Akers Klug ASA,MBA  Carol Akers Klug ASA MBA
Katerina Yovchev, ASA Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Steve Sherman  Board of Trustees Liaison 

The Art of Valuation 

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Whether readers are seasoned professionals, firm staff, graduate students, or corporate project managers, this tribute to the irreplaceable role of human intellect, judgment, experience, and integrity in appraisal (and business) problem-solving and strategy will be an inspiration toward further excellence and creativity in whatever they do.

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Resource Panel Application


To apply to the Business Valuation Resource Panel, please submit your BVRP application by the September 1, 2024 deadline. For questions about the application process, please contact Akirah Ray.


If you have any questions, please contact Akirah Ray.