Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Appraisal Foundation, the foremost authority on the appraisal and valuation profession, believes that the appraisal industry should reflect the diversity of the nation. We are proud to be partnering with our sponsors and professional stakeholder organizations in working toward a more inclusive and diverse appraisal community. 

A career in appraisal and valuation is an excellent opportunity for anyone, but especially ideal for those wanting the independence the appraisal profession can offer. In an effort to support more inclusive strategies, The Appraisal Foundation has created this page to encourage underrepresented groups to consider the appraisal profession.
To further this mission, we are committed to the following: 
  • Working towards an inclusive appraisal profession and Foundation boards that are reflective of the United States we live in today
  • Expanding required anti-bias and fair housing training for appraiser credentialing and continuing education
  • Facilitating connections between prospective appraisers and seasoned practitioners
  • Creating a career pathway for aspiring appraisers to meet their educational and experiential requirements

Click here to learn more about our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. View the results of the 2024 Demographics Survey to gain insight into the demographics of the appraisal profession. These results will guide the Foundation's work to grow the profession and enhance our efforts related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

To learn more about a career in appraisal click here.

If you are a consumer, check out our Consumer Resources page for more information.
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Appraiser Contact List

Click HERE to see a list of appraisers that you can contact for insight on becoming an appraiser. These appraisers are all volunteers who are giving their time to assist aspiring appraisers and their views do not represent the positions of The Appraisal Foundation. If you've previously spoken with one of our volunteer advisors, we would appreciate your feedback in this brief survey