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The Appraisal Foundation
1155 15th Street, NW
Suite 1111
Washington, DC 20005
[email protected]
Phone Number: 202.347.7722  

Executive Offices

David S. Bunton
Serves as Chief Executive Officer and responsible for overall organizational leadership.
Email: [email protected]

Kelly Davids
Senior Vice President
Responsible for all operations including special projects, strategic initiatives, and stakeholder engagement.
Email: [email protected]

Arika J. James
Board and Councils Program Manager
Responsible for Board of Trustees and Advisory Councils.
Email: [email protected]

Jalin Debeuneure
Engagement Coordinator
Responsible for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, personal property projects, and the Real Estate Degree Review Program.  
Email: [email protected]

Akirah Ray
Engagement Coordinator
Responsible for business valuation projects, state regulators and sponsor relations.
Email: [email protected]

Appraisal Issues 

Lisa Desmarais, SRA
Vice President, Appraisal Issues
Serves as the Foundation’s appraiser in residence and responsible for technical appraisal issues, standards, and qualifications.
Email: [email protected]

Publication Fulfillment Center

The Appraisal Foundation
P.O. Box 381
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
For publication inquires and order status:
Call:   800-348-2831 
Email:  [email protected]

Finance and Administration

Edna Nkemngu, CPA
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Responsible for finance, accounting, and human resources.
Email: [email protected]

Eyerusalem Taye
Staff Accountant  
Responsible for general accounting support.  
Email: [email protected]

Lisa D. Streater
Accounting Assistant 
Responsible for accounts payable and accounting support.
Email: [email protected]


Aida Dedajic, CAE, MBA
Director of Engagement
Responsible for overseeing programs of Standards and Qualifications Board, PAREA, webinars, and videos.
Email: [email protected]

JoEllen Alberts, MA

Project Manager
Responsible for managing projects related to The Appraisal Foundation's strategic plan.
Email: [email protected]

Olivia Chalakani
Engagement Coordinator
Responsible for Standards and Qualifications board support, Course Approval Program (CAP), and ICC/IRC.
Email: [email protected]


Amy Kaufman
Director of Communication
Responsible for Foundation communication efforts.
Email: [email protected]

Brigitte Coulton
Publications Manager 
Responsible for Foundation publications, courses, and license agreements.
Email: [email protected]